New Year's First List, New Year's Red Start

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With dreams as the flying horse and ambition, Winner Science and Technology has ushered in its 16th birthday! 

Although the New Year is approaching and the Spring Festival holidays are coming quietly, the Winner people who aspire to pursue their dreams have not slackened off, and thus have not slowed down the pace of opening up their territory. At the beginning of the new year of 2019, Winner Technology joined hands in transporting buses again, pioneering a new mode of passenger flow and active safety prevention and control leasing, and achieving full coverage of the system.

Intelligent life, smooth world. As the pioneer of the construction of intelligent public transport information technology, Winner technology intuitively reflects the intelligent technology's precise optimization and scheduling of long-distance passenger transport inter-city network, and improves operational efficiency. It also provides strong data support for the upcoming spring rush to travel safely, comfortably and efficiently.

New dream, new brilliance in 2019. The journey is continuous and ambitious. Winner Science and Technology will continue to make great efforts to build a new intelligent pattern of urban and inter-city public transport development in the future, to realize a new mode of information management in the field of public transport, and to provide more efficient, safe and high-quality transport services for citizens during holidays and peak passenger flow.

On the occasion of the Spring Festival, Winner presents his sincerest greetings to the operating companies and colleagues who stick to the front line of public transport posts. With Winner's wishes, I wish the golden pigs good luck and the family well-being.

Winner Technology and you together, towards a more intelligent future, a better journey!

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