WINNER Technology qualified as " specialized and sophisticated" enterprise by Shanghai in 2021

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On May 19, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology released a list of specialized new enterprises to be newly cultivated in 2021 in Shanghai. With its professional technology and research and development capabilities in intelligent information solutions in the field of public transportation,WINNER Technology was successfully selected and recognized as a "specialized and sophisticated" enterprise in Shanghai.

According to the definition of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, specialized and sophisticated"  refers to the enterprise with the characteristics of "specialization, refinement, characteristic and novelty", is focused on market segmentation, innovation ability, high market share, master the key core technology, quality and efficiency of the leader enterprises. Shanghai specialized and sophisticated" enterprise represent the advanced level of the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Shanghai, and are the leader and pacesetter among many enterprises.

Naer technology has been selected into the List of specialized and sophisticated" enterprise (provincial level) in Shanghai, which is a recognition of WINNER's technical level, innovation ability, development quality and comprehensive strength, as well as the affirmation of naer's adherence to independent innovation for many years and its competitive advantage in the market.

On July 27, 2021, vice Premier Liu He pointed out that innovation is the soul of  "specialized and sophisticated" enterprise at the National  "specialized and sophisticated" Small and medium enterprises Summit forum, stressing that  "specialized and sophisticated" is to encourage innovation. Son of science and technology since its inception, has been committed to data applications technology research and development, constantly upgrading of propulsion system, on the basis of the scenario to the deepening, continuously explore and Internet of things, big data platform, 3 d visualization and data fusion algorithm and other technical ability application, continuous output for customers of digital and intelligent information integration solutions.

The selection of "specialized and sophisticated" enterprise in Shanghai is not only a high recognition of the past development of WINNER, but also encourages us to continue to give full play to our own technological advantages in the future, and have the courage to assume the responsibility of "specialized and sophisticated" enterprise. In the future, WINNER Technology will continue to increase investment in RD, improve the level of intelligence and information technology, and continue to contribute to the construction of safer, more efficient and convenient intelligent transportation!

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